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High lever palletizer

The IMPAC high level palletizer can palletize bags from 1 Kg to 50 Kg and can reach a working capacity of 2500 bags/hour. Each incoming bag is flattened to a uniform compacted height, orientated, and then transferred to the layer preforming section. Each completed layer is then transferred to the loading station where a sliding gate opens and deposits it onto the pallet. The pallet is lowered automatically, each time a layer has been deposited. When a pallet has received the preset number of layers, it is automatically transferred to a holding conveyor, and an empty pallet is simultaneously moved into the loading zone. The entire operation is controlled by a PLC, which can be programmed to palletize bags of different dimensions, layers patterns and number of layers.

Low lever palletizer

The IMPAC low level palletizer is indicated for all the activities with medium-high outputs, until 1100 bags/h. The bag, coming from an upstream line, is pressed to become even and compact, then it’s oriented following the preset formation and directed to the preforming zone. The composed layer is transferred on a vertically and horizontally moving platform, the first one for the search and the positioning of the layer unloading, the second one for the transferring of the layer on the firm pallet. The cycle will repeat itself until the finishing of the pallet that will be emptied and replaced, to begin a new cycle. All the movements synchronisms are coordinated by a programmable modular system (PLC). The machine can be programmed to palletise bags of different dimensions, formations and layers number.